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    John vs. Steve 2 wwyd?

    That's the shot I like, especially if I can hit it well enough to kick the CB off his side rail to freeze on the 10. But even leaving it on the rail, 10-high is a pretty good shot. My first inclination was to go thin off the 4 with left spin, rolling the CB off the rail onto the 10. But coming...
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    Bank for Shape!

    Took the side pocket point shot to the table last night, and was surprised at how easy it is to make once you get the hang of it. The tendency I had was to hit the point too square on. When I aimed more to the inside of the point I could make the shot 2 out of 3 times. I'm not sure I'd have...
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    I'd rather eat bologna than think about carona...
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    Ghost vs. Tony 4 wwyd

    Tony, being elderly and reportedly no longer a straight shooter, might not elect to shoot any of the commonly makeable choices. He might instead cross the 5 to make it cross-corner or have it knock the 8 over. In fact I'm almost to that point with my own abilities...:cautious: The 12 seems...
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    Covid-19 and

    Here is a tip sheet from the NHS a friend sent from England. There are some pretty good tips meant for hospital staff, but are especially good for those who live in northern climes. Get out into the sun and fresh air!: At The Princess of Wales hospital. NHS staff have been sent this: This...
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    Most awe inspiring match of one pocket you ever witnessed

    I was thinking that you had attended the Galveston event. You must have had to work. That TV table was so dry, and the lights were so hot, that it was like playing on a linoleum floor. It took awhile for the pros to adjust from the slower, wetter tables in the main tournament area. Since...
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    Homemade face mask

    Ah, the little known Vulva Mask...:cool:
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    Ghost vs. Pat 22 - wwyd?

    Late to the party on this one. I like coming off the left of the 10 ball with left spin, knocking the 10 to my side, and bumping the 2 ball toward my pocket. Ideally the CB ends up on the foot rail. It's a medium speed shot with a high success rate. That type of shot comes up frequently in...
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    Sull'ys free stream

    Thanks for the heads up, my man! You're right, I don't darken Facebook's doorstep, although I do keep a business page there: "Traditional Chiropractic, Arthur Tripp, D.C." YouTube is not a whole bunch safer due to the Google menace, but at least one doesn't have to sign in so as to agree to...
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    Tuscaloosa Squirrel

    I haven't seen any videos of Squirrel. There may be something from the Johnston City videos. Marshall didn't play tournaments much, especially in later days, so there may not be anything out there. Too bad. Steve has a nice interview with him on this site. I'm guessing Marshall is still...
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    Yes, his opinions are political. IMO that, along with other points, raises questions as to his motives. Dr. Brilliant is chairman of the board of directors of Ending Pandemics, along with board memberships of several other corporations who are dependent upon profits or donations to increase...
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    March 26-28 Thursday-Saturday. One Pocket Challenge-Chip Compton vs Robert Gomez Race To 24

    Jeff has posted here several times recently. I suspect that he's fine, although it's doubtful if he's playing much pool.
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    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    Jim, if it's true that the virus doesn't proliferate in warmer more humid climates, then you should be just fine. Hope so!
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    March 26-28 Thursday-Saturday. One Pocket Challenge-Chip Compton vs Robert Gomez Race To 24

    Speaking of Bogies, has anyone heard about James Christopher? I'd heard that he'd had some health issues awhile back.