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    Best memory

    There could not of been more of a contrast in this marque match between two players generations apart, but one thing in common they were both deadly. I can just see Wimpy with impeccable dress and short stroke vs. Keith lost suitcase dressed in what was on his back and that forever long...
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    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    John, Playing on the table beside you jacked up one handed OP players was to much heat for my opponent, since your action drew a herd of sweaters. So my guy wanted to move to another table, I was upset for I had a front row seat, and like I said I was in awe, but what can you do, so I did...
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    Efren's Bank! This is the bank as depicted to me by Howard K. I did it in slow motion so you can see the cb contacting the foot point and redirecting the cb so the kiss is not there. I shot it on an angle that would be equivalent to shooting from behind the line...
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    Efren's Bank!

    This is the scenario leading up to the conclusion. If you have not viewed this match in its entirety and do not want to know who wins then do not open. It has a couple of great finally banks! Whitey
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    5 rack game?

    I believe Catkins break seems to be the easiest break to control and depend upon. It seems to open up the balls good, just not on my table with older balls, so I have to use more force which makes it harder to control the cb. Whitey
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    Don't ask what happened next.

    That brought on a smile all over. An improbable 15 from that layout. No ones got anything on you in this game. thanks, Whitey
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    5 rack game?

    Hi Dave, that made it very interesting. 29 and of course you could of had much more, nicely done. Yes, I think that is the crux of the game, a consistent break. I tried the 3rd. ball break this morning but it seemed that some breaks for no apparent reason I only moved a very few balls on the...
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    I believe Frank picked this shot but wanted the 15 to cover the 1. I had the 15 set up on the foot side of the 3rd diamond so this shot was not there for me, although I tried Frank's shot. But the 4 rail is still there when the 15 is in the correct position, but the cb control becomes more...
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    Thanks Tom for the compliment, I really appreciate it. And I might add you are right on in your analysis. No worries! Here is another viable shot, IMO. I do not see these shots automatically but it seems they become apparent. I probably might of passed...
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    Well if my shots are to radical/sell out, I then can adjust the 1 ball twist bank and draw the cb back upon the ball on the foot cushion, and in doing that I am keeping the cb below the stack. Whitey Here it is, and in do so I am taking all the other factors out of the equation...
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    Tom, Thanks for acknowledging the twist bank, for unless one tries it, it is very hard to imagine just how demanding this shot is. On a Diamond it would nonetheless be easier for they take induce spin more. I often times show shots that are educational in teaching how to make the shot itself...
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    efren needs 1 wwyd thanks for the wwyd, Larry! It is a good one. Whitey
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    efren needs 1 wwyd this scenario intrigued me, so I worked it followed up with a video. The secret in accomplishing this shot is the spin, for it adds speed to the cb to get it where we want it. I know you might think I set it up on more angle, but it is not, it is the...
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    efren needs 1 wwyd

    Efren is back banking the 1 and spinning the cb down table to position it along side long rail 1st diamond. Or, he is playing the cb to go in behind the stack, but whatever he does it is with the 1. This is what I would do also. Whitey
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    walking with Giants, Rempe

    Jim Rempe in a race to 3 full rack bank pool ran 24 a perfect 8 and out each game. He came up in an era when 9- ball players had to be able to bank for it was a shoot-out game. Banks were open during that era, it was a tough shoot-out! Whitey