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    wwyd ??

    Unless I am mistaken again, Shane is down 5 to 0. For everyone shooting at the 6 ball , if you take the actual picture of the shot and run a sheet of paper down the edge of the 6 , it clearly has zero pocket to go in , without doing a dip to the left of a full ball width.
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    wwyd ??

    This would be my shot also in this situation , although I think I would shoot the best speed for accuracy, I think I will get a cut shot at either the 3 ball or a bank on the 13.
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    Grady end game video

    I remember watching my game improve in leaps and bounds when I got Gradys tapes. He was a fountain of knowledge in a desert RIP
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    5 rack game?

    There is no embarrassment if you try as hard as you can, do you know who consistently does well ? Players who play 10 hours a day every day, the rest falter. This is a great game to play, to show where your strengths and weaknesses are , so do everything right that you can , so you get a true...
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    Bellflower Ca. circa 1971

    I was in Southern Calif in the mid 70s I remember going in a place about middle afternoon, there was no one there but the house man, I asked him if any body came in that gambled and he said , theres a guy sleeping under the last table that will play for up to 100 a game nine ball, I said , lets...
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    5 rack game?

    I'm sure those areas will be fixed in the next series, you are still serious about your game!
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    5 rack game?

    Great Breaking, nice patterns ,very good shot making , except with inside. You are jumping up a bit on the tough shots, again, lack of play and confidence, Nobody gets away with that , I watched a match between Efren and Scott from about 2016, Efren was jumping more in that match than I saw in...
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    Old Friends from New Orleans

    I walked in a little pool room in a little town in Ohio and there is Reed Pierce playing one of the locals , probably a strong B+ player . I'm pretty sure the owner had called him to come, and we were talking later and he said someone had asked Reed where he was going before the trip and he told...
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    Happy Birthday doc
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    Gary Spaeth vs cincy_kid

    I have seen Gary become part of the table before , he would have his knee along one rail, his elbow under it and a toe in one of the pockets, when he shot , he wasn't moving lol.
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    Happy Birthday, oldschool

    Happy Birthday old school , I'll be 72 soon
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    Happy birthday, Rod!

    Hay Birthday Rod
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    Happy birthday bob jewett

    Happy Birthday Bob
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    Donn vs. John 12 - end game situation - wwyd?

    i will let it go at that. but would like to add that i was probably the first to use stochastic processes to add to the decision making of gambling thoughts in a manner to beat games of uncertainty of accurate decision making Yeah and Earl invented the jump shot! Except it's in a 200 year old...
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    walking with Giants, Rempe

    He was already a great player when he came through town at 20 or 21. He was King James!