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    Chicago air-bnb lodging for the Members Tournament

    I have already booked a hotel at a non-refundable rate so I'm out, but you couldn't find 3 nicer guys to stay with while in Chicago and the pictures I saw of the house are beautiful. All updated including full kitchen w/washer/dryer. Someone will be very lucky...and close to Chris's.
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    Signup for Member's Tournament Chicago

    Why are you making us go to a different thread in a different forum to get payment info???? 😂🤣😘 With that said, I'm in. Money will be sent friends and family tonight. Thanks for all you do! Dave
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    2020 Members Only Tournament is at Chris's in Chicago!

    Thanks Steve. Will you be attending this year? If so, will you be bringing my t-shirt (still waiting for a pic :) ).
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    9' table in 18' room

    My preference if tight for space but close is to center the table and have a shorter cue when shooting from the rail at either side. This way you do not need a cue too short at any given time. Just get the longest short cue you can find that works, balance the cue and taper the shaft the way...
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    Chicago air-bnb lodging for the Members Tournament

    I looked at the one closest to Chris' for $60 as you stated, it was available for just over $300/night...o_O
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    Official Derby City player sponsor thread

    Congrats boys. But the real winner is (and Miller). Thanks Steve.
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    2020 Members Only Tournament location poll

    So when is the final decision to be made? Thanks.
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    2020 DCC

    Sounds like you had a great trip. Cashed in 1pocket and got to play Efren, wow! I'm not sure if we have met John, but if not, I look forward to it. Thanks for the write up. Dave
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    Hard Times Stream Saturday Finals

    Are you guys forgetting the classic match ups with Danny Harriman? If not familiar, they played 14.1 to 400; one pocket to 10 and I think 10 ball to whatever. They had to play all 3 matches and each set was worth 1/3 of the pot (I think the min bet was $10k in the pot for entire set). They...
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    Cliff Joyner

    It was great to watch, they were both monsters. The year I sweated them was when Efren made some kind of back cut and 3 cushion shot with the cue ball for the win. Scott Frost was betting on Efren and jumped up celebrating before the ball fell in the hole. Just added to the spectacle. Wow!
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    Cliff Joyner

    In 2003 or 2004 at DCC, Efren was giving him 9-7 or 8-7 (I don't remember) for a pretty large stack. The set was close but Efren won if that answers your question. I think Alex in his prime would give Cliff the hardest match-up. I got to watch Cliff in the late 90's play some fairly good...
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    Late Edition: Mkbtank Derby Report

    Not sure if anyone enjoys DCC as much as you, fun report. Thanks. But who won the Alex Medina action?
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    Unbelievable series of shots

    Here you go...
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    Hard Times Stream

    Two tough hombres. Congrats.
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    How to Watch Streaming One Pocket... wife is thrilled 😂🤣😂🤣