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Hi Steve, hope all is well with you and your family. Just writing to say Mr 3Cushion is a detriment to the site, always arguing with everyone. I find it hard not to tell him what a jerk off he is but then he would just go on and on with me. It was better here without him. Keith Stanton
NH Steve
NH Steve
Thank you -- yes, I agree he has an argumentative personality. Thank you for restraining yourself from engaging. You can block him if you want. I think you just hover your mouse over his name, and a box appears, including the option to "Ignore". Seems like a good idea :)
John just thinking about you. Hope your situation is improving. Hope to see you at an event soon. The 1st drink is on me. Keith/Sappo
Good morning, I have two names one this site. I would love to remove this one Paul Squatrito and continue with bmoretallpaul. Please delete the one or give me instruction to complete the task. Thanks so much. Stay safe Paul
Hi Mary,
We've never met but I just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed your pool photos a great deal.
Hi John, Just wanted to wish you speedy recovery. Amazing how all is well one day and the world is upside down the next. Hope to see you somewhere in the near future at a pool event. Keith/Sappo
Hey OldSchool I didn't respond to your thread but I agree the site has taken a major step back. Hope you have a great New Year. Keith/Sappo
$150-200. Great idea. Do you remember the tournament at Diamonds Billiards in Dallas? $1000 entry fee with one buyback.
Billy let me enter for 500(which led to several more entrants) and I lost my first match to Chohan 3-2. Rebought for 500, won my next match, then
played Cliff on TV table - won 3-2. Then beat Gabe 4-1, eventually lost to Griffus. 1st Cliff, 2nd Billy, 3rd Roger, 4th me and Lizard.
The format leads to these kinds of David v. Goliath matches, and a lifetime of memories for guys like you that make that kind of run. you want paypal or a check? Let me know here. We will all survive this, no doubt.. :)
Hi J.R. this is Keith Stanton/Sappo. You recently posted that you shoot 3 specific shots to determine how the table plays. I understand the cross table from diamond 6 to diamond 3 but Im not sure about the other 2 test shots. I would appreciate any insight you would share with me regarding your test shots. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Keith
Joe, this is Bill Incardona can you get ahold of Robert Frost for me if you can my number is 214-677-8707. Thanks
Hi John, I didn't know if you heard that Walt Iseri, Wayne's brother, died last month. Covid 19. Hope you are well.
I began playing pool at the age of 5 or 6. My dad frequented a local bar regularly and they had a 7-foot pool table then I begged him to let me play on finally the owner pulled up a milk crate, turned it upside down and I began standing on and playing from that milk crate.
For years I was just a barroom player, what I call a hunter. Make a shot, then hunt for another shot, no control over the cue ball.
I played all through college until one weekend at a nightclub in Peoria, IL. I was chased by a car full of linebacker types for 20 miles before they finally gave up, 5 miles from my front door. The bet had been $100 on one game.
We both held our respective tables all night and this guy came over and said "Well I guess we ought to play" just as they were announcing last call. I told him "I don't play for money", but three of my buddies got $100 together and handed it over to the guy holding the money.