Winning One Pocket and Shots, Moves, & Strategies


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May 25, 2004
I have a copy of both Winning One Pocket and Shots, Moves, & Strategies that I'm thinking of selling. I bought both used in 2003, but both are in very good condition.

Through my travels, I acquired many signatures of top players in both books, whether or not they were featured in the books themselves.

Please PM me if you are interested.

Below are a list of the signatures:

Winning One Pocket
Artie Bodendorfer
Nick Varner
Larry Schwartz
Buddy Hall
Freddy Bentivegna

Shots, Moves, & Strategies
Nick Varner
Mike Sigel
Rodney Morris
Jack Colavita (deceased)
George SanSouci (deceased)
Johnny Archer
Jim Rempe
Santos Sambajon
Mike LeBron
Truman Hogue
Jafar Basheer "Patch Eye"
Glen Rogers "Piggy Banks"
Chris Bartram
Bucky Bell
Dee Adkins
John Brumback
Black Nate (don't know his last name and can't read it in his signature)
Jimmy Fusco
Shannon Daulton
Howard Vickery
Grady Mathews
Melvin Brooks "Strawberry" (deceased)
Jay Helfert
Cliff Joyner
Wade Crane (deceased)
Billy Incardona
Marshall Carpenter "Squirrel"
Efren Reyes
Allen Hopkins
Harry Platis
Ronnie Allen
Leonard Rucker "Bugs" (deceased)
Jose Parica
Willie Jopling (deceased)