What would you do? Reyes-Deuel -2011 US Open

fred bentivegna

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Feb 2, 2005
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Great shot

Great shot

Artie Bodendorfer said:
Her is a shot probably nobody would shoot but me. Its a very stong shot and Eferen would not like it.

From her. And the shot is real atrong. And unless you no the strength behind the shot. People wont play iy.

But this shot is worth its gold. And EFeren can complety do nothing. And Afyer he shootsfrom this position you have complete control off the game.

And the shot is banking the 14 ball two rails up the table on Eferen side off the table.

And wedge the cueball in behind the one ball. And behind the one ball he cant go to either sode because he will scratch.

Or leave you a baby shoot on the one ball. I was not going too give up the shot.

Because I no its a winning shot. And sothing can be done from that position.

And its a rasy shot too shoot. Because you will be facing the 14 ball. and you are real close too everything.

AS they say in the pool room that shot will sctrw you.And it does not matter whos shooting.from thier..

And belive me thier is nothing anybody can do from thier.

A good nick name is your in the jail house now. And it even too take a intentinal foul from her by just taping the ball. You can even tahe a foul back and lake it worse for him.

But the cue ball thier and you will see. Who strong and simple the shot is.

And nobody wants that. Even a player who never misses.

But this is a key shot and I learned it when it came up. And its a strong shot even if the score is 0 to 0.

I hope you remember and get the full strength out of the shot.

I dont want to be seeing Steve shooting that shot. If he does . I know he learned it.

Fabulous shot. It comes up even more often playing banks because there is no pocket you are trying to defend. When exchanging safeties along the short rail, that is the position you fight to eventually put on your opponent.



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Jun 25, 2004
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CaliRed said:
Corey decided to kick at this ball. Remember we're talking about him being down 4-1 in a hill-hill match in a major event. He had already made many kicks during this match, so he must have had major confidence in his ability to hit it good.

Thoughts on his shot selection?
Wow! I didn't see that shot coming. You can't argue with success, but I'd never have shot that one. Still, Corey kicks real well, so he probably felt confident on the hit. I guess not too much could have gone wrong with the shot, but there were many good strong safety options.