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Apr 23, 2004
This forum is set up for personal threads -- only the opening poster can add to their own thread. That is the intent. This is an experiment, and features and technical aspects of it might change as it goes.

Thank you and help yourself to YOUR OWN forum, where you can tell your own story (fact or fiction or art) from post to post without other posters comments, side-tracks or replies of any sort. Of course, common sense rules of decency apply here, as they do everywhere in OnePocket.org. Also, please only your own writing and/or art -- nothing at all copy and pasted from the web, except something like a minor quote that is a necessary part of your own story, and if you do quote anyone else, please credit the original author. No politics unless it is a personal story in its own right -- not political opinion.

PS I am open to suggestions on how this should be handled.
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