US Open One Pocket Winner.

Artie Bodendorfer

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Nov 18, 2005
Show the Eferine and Chriss Gentile game for the championchip. If you can.

And howe do you get too see the comontating taps. I have too see howe meny mistakes I made.

And what the shots were that Billy picket. And I picket. And I did one with Larry Shwartz.

That one I no went very smooth. It was more like the monday night football game. With the two anouncers.

Larry was very easy too comontate with. And with a little more pratice and comontating. He will be great.

Looks like a naturale too me. Could be his best game. And Larry is a very good talker. And a very Knowledgable player in all games.

And Larry learned the game. He knowes one pocket. And it would be a big plus if he would start posting on the site.

Because he knowes the game. And he has been around the top players.

It was a pleasure comontating with him. And everybody likes him. Hopkines Varner Cole Jimmy Matya Ronnie. Billy .

And I like him a little bit too.