Tunes II-Scott Smith

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May 1, 2011
florence, colorado
Cincy, I liked the Matchbox bite. Music and pool go Hand in Hand. Musicians and pool players have allot in common.

The irony.
Just this past weekend, at the Trinidadio' Blues Festival in Trinidad CO (20 yrs runnin) I ran into the guy/Shane who gave my friend Larry, from Hulst Photography a couple passes for the show, VIP. Larry 74 yr old, has the first pics of the Monterey Blues Festival, and has been a pro. photog ever since.

8 groups play....they start at Noon, and the last group starts at 7:45-9.

I asked Larry to point out Shane, I wanted to thank em for the tickets. $65 ea.

We started talking, he's close to my age. I mention Pool then he mentioned he recognized me, then he remembered my as thee pool player and Scotts name immediately came outta his sound box :). As we talked we did remember meeting each other Decades ago, and the last place I think I saw em was at Scotts, Rack and Roll billiard dance hall, when he was still married to Laura. WOW!! Nice guy, was nice to meet em/talk and I'll be lookin' for em down the road.

Shane was in charge of all the sound systems, did a great job.