Trick shots with Raymond Ceulemans and Raymond Steylaerts

Dennis "Whitey" Young

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Jul 8, 2017
Klamath Falls, Or.
Thanks Larry!
After watching the whole video sometime ago, I went back and reviewed from 30:00 on, and Steylaerts did some fantastic stroke shots. Of course the stroke shots are my favorite. At 33:00 he does a masse going around an object and then straight up the long rail. That so much reminded me of the final day I played. I was so bored of just shooting in regular shots that I only shot combination, kiss, banks, caroms. But, my final two shots were masse' shots very similar to that one, except my cue ball went absolutely straight down the length of the long rail then curved at the end to pocket a ball in the corner, and then I did the same shot pocketing a ball in the side. After those two shots I said to myself; "there is not much left for me to do", and that was it.

Thanks, that shot brought back memories! That poor girl was getting beat up pretty good on Ceulemans jump shot! LOL! Whitey