This shit is amazing from 100 years ago!

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Jul 8, 2017
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Charles C. Peterson earned the title "Missionary of Billiards" because he did more perhaps than any other individual to promote the spot of billiards during the 1940s and 1950s. He made scores of personal appearances at American universities and was the guiding spirit behind the intercollegiate and Boys' Clubs of America tournaments. Peterson was a champion in his own right and for years held the red ball title. One of the all-time great fancy shot artists. Peterson died at 83 in June, 1962. In 1966 voted into BCA Hall of Fame. This is from '68 BCA rule and record book w/ his picture.
He was Red-Ball Champion from 1907 -1944.
Red - Ball is a straight rail carom billiard game in which a carom must drive the cue ball against the two object balls hitting the red ball first.

This is such a precious video! The quality is also very good. I knew he was a great trick shot artist, and may of well developed some of the now famous trick shots, but my goodness these shots are incredible, I had no idea he was that good! The control of the cue ball, the finesse of the cue ball just finally bending around the object ball and softly contacting it. And what a beautiful stroke w/ such a straight follow through with extreme velocity.

The only other video of him that I know of is a promo with him, Hoppe, and the Deacon.

But as far as the equipment, in those days we had our own rubber companies, and there were countless of them stretching from NY to Chicago. Also there were many table manufacturers vying for the best. The rails would of been top notch, just as my A.E. Schmidt rails were in their prime. The Schmidt rails were mgf. by a rubber mfg. company in NY.
The cloth, is another story, for the Simonis building holding the archives records for their cloth production burned downed in 1982 so they characterize it as no one knows the exact date when the original worsted cloth came out, they only list it being made for many decades. The spinning mill was accidently bomb by the allies in wwII.

Thanks for sharing this video. What a find, I can not believe you found this. I will cherish this video. You are a member that offers up, nice having you back threading.
There is nothing better than watching a true professional performing their art! Very appreciative! Whitey
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