There will never be another Freddy He was the Superman of pool Part 3

Artie Bodendorfer

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Nov 18, 2005
Freddy is a great story teller. And Minnesota fats was his hero. Fats was number one and Freddy was number two. And Bugs ad Eddie Taylor were the two best bankers in life. Freddy and fats had a lot in common. They both loved too talk. Bugs and Eddy Taylor and Freddy were decipals of bank pool. Bugs Young Blood Ronberg Paul and Alfonzo. Always use to say Freddy is the best white bank pool player in Chicago. And everybody on the south side of Chicago loved Freddy. Freddy was excepted like a brother. And the bank pool players on the South side of Chicago were the best.

Freddy loved life and he loved people. And I can honestly say family was Freddy's first priority. He loved each and everyone of his children and his whole family and his sisters and mom and dad. I lived next door to Freddy on Clark street in Chicago. one hundred and fifty feet from Bensingers on Broadway. And two hundred feet from North Shore Club on Clark Street. We lived wright above Keyos restaurant. Freddy and I always lived close to a pool room.

Island Drive

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May 1, 2011
florence, colorado
Great Guy!

Great Guy!

Here's my entry in Freds guest book....Artie, I truly appreciate your entries and perspectives, thx.

June 20, 2014
He and I ran into each other in various billiard establishments, and respected each other, starting in the late sixties. We talked a couple times this past yr. or two. A spirit to be missed, but so happily to have known. And when he first wore those Gaff looking :), large Black rimmed, owl looking pool shooting glasses, he took it up another notch :))). Saddened by loss, and fortunate to of known em. I'm thinkin' the Glasses arrived 1970 is my best guess.:).

I grew up in....Glen Ellyn IL, off Roosevelt Rd. and hwy 53 1950-1967


Bill Meacham,

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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