The Gosford Glyphs


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Aug 15, 2013
monett missouri
A friend of mine recently told me that he wasn't nearly as interested in this ancient stuff as I am, and he doubted that many people were. :D Well, in case you are one of that few, here ya go:

It's 56 minutes long, but you'll get a good idea of the subject matter -- the story of an ancient shipwreck -- in only 10-11 minutes.

Shown here what's alleged to be ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into stone outcroppings near Gosford Township, New South Wales, Australia.

A current investigator says that new evidence shows that previous claims about the glyphs on both sides of the argument (Egyptian or not?) have been mistaken. The conventional view has been that it is some sort of hoax, and the "believers" have claimed they were 4500 years old. A portion of the new evidence is that some of the symbols did not enter the Egyptian hieroglyphic lexicon until around 500 BC, only 2500 years ago.

In recent years the glyphs have been the subject of new research and attempts to translate them using known Egyptian symbols and meanings.

A new translation by alleged experts leads to some interesting conclusions.

BTW, a reminder of something I had forgotten: the ancient Egyptians had and used boomerangs. Many have been recovered and are on display in museums. A literal translation of the Egyptian word used to designate the boomerang was "foreigner's weapon."

A full translation of one part of the Gosford glyph is shown here in detail:
59 minutes (It is shown symbol by symbol with the ancient Egyptian for comparison, often identical.)