T.J.parker/Dale #2


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
My friend Dale wasn't a big man, 5' 7" Stocky and muscular, wouldn't
take a step back from anyone. I know his son was a member here, never posted, messaged me when his father passed.
San Anglo
Sunday we slept til the maids woke us, had a liesure breakfast, went to
the bar about 2:30. the place was pretty full, action on the bar table,
moon game going, juke box blaring. The owner wasn't there. I asked when he be in ,they said don't know. We sat around awhile, then Dale got in the moon game, Guy looked like military asked me to play pool, had lost his other players. I hadn't watched the games much, thought maybe the owner had him there, I said the kid likes to play and nodded at Jimmy. Game on
They played $10 8ball, Jimmy would not stall, ever. The fellow played fairly well, not in Jimmy's class. couple hours guy quit $70 loser, said I'll be back. Moon game broke up, Dale started playing an older fellow head up Dominoes $50 a game to 250 points, Dale was a very good head up player.
Dale said he was only a few bucks winner from the moon.

The military guy came back and said to me, I'll play you some. game on
we started $20 8ball. Still no owner, I had the help call, no answer.
As I said guy played fairly well, next few hours I won $120 got paid $100
He said sorry I'm broke, no prob.
Dale won most every game and $250 from the older gentleman. While they were playing a guy came in wearing leather and hauling a racing motorcycle behind his pickup. He was the older fellow's son and he wasn't to happy.
Then the owner finally got there, said I had things to do .
We started playing $20 9ball, it was a tough game
A couple of real cowboy looking guys came in and said the was an Airman down town at the pool hall that wanted to play 9ball, I said it's too late.
They said the owner would keep the join open if it lasted til closing.
My player said he knew these guys, it's fine if your friend wants to go down there with them. We had a little confab, Jimmy got his cue from our car and off they went. The bike racer wanted to bet $20 on my opponent
We put him on. By closing the owner was $200 loser The biker was $100,
crying and moaning, he'd quit a few games before we did.
Down town later. the good part.
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