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Sep 17, 2008
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The Two-Thirds System​

The cue ball and its returns to the 3rd cushion are consistent in the making contact the corner via a long, short and long cushion path respectively. The basis for this system is simple. The player measures the cue ball position on the long cushion opposite the diamonds to the corner and by contacting the long cushion first the cue ball will return two thirds the distance the cue ball lays from the end rail. As in the 50% system, the player needs to always apply 12 O’clock English.

The example shows the cue ball position on the number 3 diamond on the long cushion and by contacting the corner, long cushion first, the cue ball will return to the 3rd rail at the number 2 diamond on that same long cushion. The calculation is; two thirds of 3 equals 2.

The CB position is calculated, 'Opposite the diamonds' (front of the nose of rubber).

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