Strange Friendships


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Feb 25, 2012
In the animal kingdom there are some bizzare friendships between animals of differant species.
Horse barns at the track are often inhabited by pigs,goats,dogs,cats,various fowl,all whose purpose is comforting the horses.
One day as I was loading Anna and her 2 male pups up for a run a man stopped to talk. He carried on about how he liked Weims and loved to watch mine play in the yard. He went on to tell about his Weim from his boyhood.
His home was between the salebarn and largest grain elevator. Fields to play in and all the animal food anyone could desire. He was all of 12 and his 10 year old brother decided to take dads double barrel and go "jump" the pond a 1/2 mile from their house.With their Weimaraner leading the way the 2 boys snuck up to the ponds edge. Bruce,the dog wasnt trained to sneak up so he busted the edge and sent 5 resting geese airborn. Gone so fast they didnt get a chance,the boys turned to walk home as they watched the geese fly away. 1 of the geese, a rather small young bird,circled back honking to announce his arrival. Surprised the boy missed his first shot but clipped a wing with the other barrel.
Bruce was on a line to retrieve their prize before the goose crashed. Bruce gently mouthed the goose and happily returned to the boys. Bruce dropped the bird between the boys and sat wagging his tail. To the boys surprise the goose just calmly sat there. Don went to hand the empty gun to his little brother explaining that he would show the kid how to wring the bird's neck. Well the younger brother had a differant idea and swooped up the docile bird claiming "Goosee" as his pet. The boys returned home and mom said yeah they could keep the flightless bird as their new pet. Mom was sure a dog,or fox would get Goosee and he wouldnt be trouble for long.
Now Donny had a neighbor who was a real pacifist. The man gave his kids a little tom cat kitten,and a buck rabbit bunny for Easter to show them that differant didnt mean you couldnt get along. The 2 had been together for 6 months when Goosee came home. It seems Goosee could get along with these 2 neighbors also. Bruce wasnt allowed near this trilogy for fear of harm.
So its late fall and the snow starts to fall early one morning. Mom has fixed a big breakfast and sent dad off to work and the kids to school. She places a pan of tablescraps and kibble by the backdoor with some corn and oats next to it. As she looks out the window while washing dishes she sees Tommy the neighbor's cat walk out of the Bruce's doghouse. The cat stretches and is off on the prowl. Bunny comes out soon afterwards. Bunny stretches and hops away as Bruce peeks out to check the snowfall. Goose slides out by Bruce who soon follows,and the pair come up for breakfast.
Unfortunatly that was almost the last day together for the animals. Cat died from poisoin ingested by a rat at the salebarn. Bunny got taken by a fox,and goose ended up on one of dad's friends xmas dinner table unbeknownst to the boys.Bruce lived a long happy life but he often seemed to search for his lost friends. Don's mom would often retell the story of strange bedfellows.
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