Sense and Sensibility — Derby 10-Ball on the Big Table.


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Jun 6, 2010
Dear Gentle Readers,

Waiting for one-pocket, I poked my head in a few times to watch the Bigfoot competition. As usual the analysts’ observations were entertaining.

> You can learn a lot about your chair playing this guy.

> Don’t go past a position to get to another position.

> I never scratch from the booth.

> They use the side pockets more than on a 9-foot table.

> I won’t say how much he won last night — don’t want to alert the IRS.

> The kicking game has definitely become an art form.

> I hate to let my opponent pick the flowers after I’ve mowed the grass.

> Speed control is more related to a repetitive stroke than to judgement.

> Oh, that’s a dirty shot. Very dirty.

> You’ll get a backdoor safety about 20% of the time.

> I give him discredit for a bad decision.

> The pockets get bigger for the cueball.

> He won a lot of money — I hope he doesn’t waste it on bills.

> For every degree of cue elevation, you lose that much in accuracy.

> Never bump an open ball. Good players know when to violate that rule.

> That was very Derby.

> Wrong again!

Elucidation is my life,