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Apr 23, 2004
Try to keep in mind that here at we are all on the same team – even if sometimes we seem to be pulling in opposite directions.

Just a few simple hot buttons to avoid:

  1. Name-calling -- there's no need to get personal
  2. Politics, race and gender -- it's a free country, not a red, blue or green one
  3. Please do not try to drive any members away -- we want more active members, not less
  4. And finally, respect copyright -- don't steal stuff from or post stolen stuff here
If you get hit with a low blow, please do not follow-up by stooping to their level. Challenges on a real table are encouraged, however. See the Official challenge thread.

You have a right to disagree, but they have the same right to disagree. Once you have made your point clearly and they still disagree, please do not keep hammering. They can shoot the wrong shot, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong speed and the wrong time, or even the wrong pocket if they want to – just think of it as money in your bank. You do not need to respect their opinion, but you do need to respect their right to their opinion.

Whether they are a beginner, a shortstop, a winner, a loser, a railbird or a pro, they are welcome here, and their opinions are welcome here. Of course some ideas are better than others – but cream can’t rise to the top as long as it’s being stirred up. Make your point and give it a rest. Do not fret if your opinion is ignored. The most profound truths are the most likely to sail over people’s heads, yet everyone catches the easy stuff.

If not for any other reason in life, here we can still respect the fact that we are all genuinely interested in the game of One Pocket; that is our common ground. We want to encourage more One Pocket. We do not want to discourage any players, sweaters or lurkers, or drive away anyone that is already a One Pocket player or fan.

If you post here on, that makes you an ambassador of our game around the world. Please make an effort to set an example that will attract more players.

Stay light, stay loose, wei in, post up, post often and post here, and may your enjoyment of the game grow in leaps and bounds.
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