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Nov 5, 2008
I practice every day, or I try to. There are a few different systems I use. One of my favorites is to rack all 15 balls a couple of inches out of a corner pocket. I have ball in hand and hit the pack. If a ball goes I keep shooting. If I miss or scratch , I spot a ball, then try to run out from there. The rule is, when you miss, spot a ball. Other wise , keep making them. Sounds simple enough.
My second favorite one pocket practice is playing 9 ball players at One Pocket. That's always a lot of fun. They shoot at everything. Nuckin Futs.
I love going into a new room and exclaiming "I'll play any nine ball player in one pocket."
What practices do you use ?? Let's hear what you think a good practice routine is.

Tom Wirth

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Jul 5, 2004
Delray Beach, Florida
Tom, each of us has our own particular strengths and weaknesses. Practice is not a one size fits all approach. Though all the principle disciplines must continually be practiced, each player must apply greater attention to those areas in which we are weakest before focusing on the areas which are already relatively solid.

Too many players find that practicing what we find difficult to be a great struggle and no fun. As a result our attention quickly gets diverted to the more enjoyable practice skills. We want to do the things that make us feel good instead of doing the things that are good for us. Fight this impulse and work on the areas that need the most work. Included in this is the thought process which goes to sound strategic play. One other thing which is of primary importance. Learning to trust your fundamental stroke will allow you to execute shots without letting your mind get in the way. Consciousness of self when shooting a shot is detrimental to optimum performance.

Make up your own drills which focus primarily on the development of particular skills like cue ball control, speed control, one, two, three, and four rail banking skills, kicks, long shots of varying angles, as well as pattern play for the best way to run the optimum number of balls in any one inning. There really is no limit to the various disciplines necessary to reach your potential.

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