Politically Correct (Or NOT!)


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Aug 15, 2013
monett missouri
Our valued compadre Unpaid Bill (vapros) raised the issue of political correctness and brought to mind a piece of Canadian legislation passed in 2017 I read about lately that is a little scary.

Bill C-16 purports to be about hate speech, as such a thing might relate to " gender, pronoun use, freedom of speech, and the rights of transgender and gender-diverse Canadians. "

Bill C-16 added the words "gender identity or expression" ( biology won't be looked to, only a persons's "expressed" gender) to a section of the Canadian Human Rights Act and two sections of the Criminal Code. Advocates assert that the legislation protects the described individuals from hate speech that might publicly incite hatred of them.

Opponents of the bill -- both before and after its passage -- argued that this legislation itself plus the modifications of wording in the CHRA and the Criminal Code could result in jailing of a person who refused to use the particular personal pronoun by which a transgender individual chose to identify him-her-its-ze-zer-zug-x-self.

Most of the opponents of the legislation fear that this can amount to government mandating that citizens use certain words. Little or no reluctance has been voiced by these folks to use whatever pronoun makes a person most comfortable, but they seem unwilling to submit to government forcing them to do so.

Looks like political correctness -- actually, political incorrectness -- gone wild, to me. X and Y chromosomes and, more graphically, testicles, are plenty good to define gender for me. How one wants to dress or who one wants to party with are of no interest to me, but only that m**** Steve Booth tells me what words to use. :D

(That's pretty funny right there... I don't care who you are. ... Git 'er done! :D: )
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