Players to watch 2022


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Jun 24, 2010
Would anyone stake him in a race to 30 against any player in the top 15

Don't think he has a chance against a top ten but maybe a top 15 depending on The List, "current great players who play some Onepocket" in general or players out there playing in one pocket tournaments in 2022? Don't think he has a chance in the first, think he probably does in the second.

Hell, there are players in his own area/room who I think beat him in a long race but they are not out there on the road. He's out there and has had some success. That should count for something. No matter how straight they shoot can you call them one pocket players if they aren't out there playing one pocket?

Anyway, Robert is too old and as someone noted just doesn't have the firepower to run with the very best but he is out there on the circuit, grinding, and having some success and ... it looks like he's having fun. I'd be thrilled to get to that level and I'm sure there are others on here that feel the same.

Like NH Steve said, I'm rooting for him.

NH Steve

Apr 25, 2004
New Hampshire
I saw on Facebook recently that this stretch might be short-lived for Robert Frost, since he commented that he has decided to take a new job starting in August I believe. Ah, well, back to the grind!