Of venery,venaria, not veneria.


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Feb 25, 2012
So to be clear this muse is on the collective nouns that denote groups of animals , not sexual intercourse. Recently I learned of pegs,cobs,and cygnets,all terms for swans. I had known that murder was a term for a group of crows so I googled why?
Not surprisingly I found many had asked the same question and similar questions about other such terms. Whether looking for answers to crossword puzzles,peg, or just plain curious individuals I will let you ponder.

It seems venery is based on colloquial wit moreso then science. Murder, it seems is referring to crows omnivorous ways and penchant for carrion. Crows would flock to battlefields and scavenge on the dead.

Gaggle,for a # of geese is simply referance to the volume of noise. Parliment,because owls are believed to be knowledgeable.

Many such others can be found for other birds as well as insects,animals,fish.