Members only tournament

Jeff sparks

Verified Member
Apr 2, 2015
Houston, Texas
It’s been a good run for our members only tournament, and it looks like it’s just gonna get better with each passing year...With the help of all our members the tournament is shaping up very well, and it’s becoming an event that could very well end up in your neck of the woods soon... I believe that’s really nice, and something that everyone can hope for in the future... Actually, our members get to decide on the venue through blessings from solicited room owners across our great country that have agreed to host our tournament.. It’s a successful method because it’s a completely democratic process, right down to the counting of the votes for the chosen if you’re a member, you can solicit a room owner, get his blessing, nominate your room, and then can cast your vote... it’s just more fun when the circus comes to town... :) is becoming better known throughout the USA and picking up new membership at a very nice pace... In no small part, I’d like to believe that part of that new membership was generated by a tournament coming to a town near you.. Anyone that’s really interested in the game, regardless of their individual prowess, would want to play in a members tournament, especially if it came to a town near you...

Steve Booth has done a commendable job of keeping temperatures down when differences of opinions have threatened to cast a shadow over the tournament...

It takes someone with a cool head and better than average smarts to find an acceptable balance on certain issues that have cropped up in all 3 of the tournaments... Hopefully #4 will have no such problem...

Let’s see, we have been to New Orleans, then Chicago , and this year Fremont, Ca... Where should we go next year that would have enough membership to support a good field... Memphis? Houston? Atlanta? Jacksonville? Philly? North Carolina? other?

I don’t know where it will land, but it will be decided by the members voice, in a democratic vote, as it should be...