Learned animal behavior


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Feb 25, 2012
One of the best ways animals learn is association. Think of Pavlov bringing the bell and the dog associated this with being fed. This type association happens in the wild and often involves interaction with mankind.
Bears and garbage dumps is a association that is real problem in many places. Monkeys and tourists is fodder for some entertaining youtube videos.
Birds seem to really learn well this way. Seagulls and birds of prey at dumps. Gulls and pelicans around fishing boats. Hawks around Dove fields,or fresh cut hatfields. I once saw over a 100 Redtail hawks in and around a 80acre hayfield in Texas.
Now we have a pair of bald eagles hanging out in town and picking off squirrels. Trees are bare so the birds can spot nests with chewy centers as they fly by.

These learned behaviours are very hard to break and do cause most of the animal/human problems. Gardens being raised and no fear of man are 2 examples.