Just remembering...

Jeff sparks

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Apr 2, 2015
Houston, Texas
Reading Vapros’s latest journal entry took me back to my childhood days to a time and place I haven’t visited for awhile... I grew up in the San Antonio area and during my high school years I caddied at Willow Springs Golf Course and Breckenridge Park Golf Course every summer and most weekends from 1955 to 1962...

Vapros’s talked about Borden’s ice cream and how he enjoyed the occasional shake or malt from the nice lady at the companies office, and I enjoyed hearing about that experience he had from a simpler time long since pasted...

Breckenridge Park was bordered on the Southeast side by the Rainbow bread company, and when the wind was gentle and out of the southeast, the smell of fresh baked bread waifed across the entire front nine and caused serious hunger pangs to coarse thru my stomach... I can’t say how many times I would finish that loop and head immediately over to the plant and buy a fresh, warm, just out of the oven, loaf of Rainbow bread and consume at least 1/2 of it along with a stick of Land O Lakes butter, and a Barq’s Root Beer..

I guess what they say about our sense of smell being one of our strongest senses is true, because I can still smell that bread baking, just like it was yesterday... :)
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