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Sep 17, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
This is the first time I've seen this article, hence since it seems to be 'Public' knowledge and many of the 'Main' players are gone, I'll share a single experience about the, Hoffa last seen spot.

One of the Lebanese extensions of the, Giacolone family of Detroit was, Charlie Basset, Danny Thomas's cousin from Toledo. Charlie took a Big liking to me, because of my billiard prowess and an undercover low handicap Golf game, we beat Jerry Howard's Golf horse, 'Duke' several times and another high roller on the links that owned the largest liquor store in MI., Joe Balogne at Bushwood golf course in Northville . Another faction which Charlie was familiar/family was the, Shaheen family of Flint, MI. who also under the umbrella of Tony and Billy G. Who ironically owned a nightclub called the, 'Aladdin.'

My Only association with the above article is in the last couple of sentences. The day before Jimmy Hoffa went missing, Charlie and I had lunch with Billy and Tony G. at 'Machus Red Fox' restaurant in Dearborn, MI.

P.S. Before Charlie and I became close, he used to play me a 25 point game of 3C everyday at the 'Rack' for $200.00, I gave him 12 & the break. He never, ever finished a game!