I fought the Law, and the Law won.


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
in this time of protests and political craziness. I'm reminded of what my dad sat me down and preached to me about. I was 13 years old and about to get my drivers license. He said you're gonna get stopped, no question ! when you do here's what i want you to say "yes Sir, no Sir, I'm sorry Sir It wont happen again Sir " If They say you're going to jail, Just duck your head and get in the police car. You may beat the case but you'll never beat the ride. Call me and I'll do all I can to get you out.
This was great advice for me and my sons.
As I see all the folks being killed I think of this often. There is no reason to wrestle, tussle with the law, even if you have outstanding warrants. Unless maybe you're to drugged up to know what you're doing.
Been running through my feeble mind so I thought I'd post about it.
I was very fortunate to have the dad I did.
Keepa you eye on the ball.