How to play a 9-ball player one pocket?


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Aug 15, 2013
monett missouri
What to give him and how to play him are good questions, but not the most important. The objective is to extract maximum gambling coupons.

Here are my thoughts, which may be right or wrong, so use at your own risk and operate no heavy equipment while under the influence. :)

"Best" strategy will lead to the highest percentage of games won, but probably not maximum coupons because, as someone else said, beat him too hard or get him too frustrated or bored, you will lose him.

So, a lot of things have to be considered and balanced. Maximum coupons comes from max number of games played; slow, long, tight and up-table games give you the greatest advantage, but give him the greatest frustration/boredom.

Inexperienced players tend to play the end game very poorly, but that means fewer games per hour.

12-9 would probably give you more advantage than, say, 6-5, but you'd get more games in at 6-5.

Bottom line, no easy answers, but if you're considering most of the relevant factors it will give you the best chance to make the right choices. I think the biggest factor is in deciding how tight to play, and that will vary depending upon what you are giving him.

I might start with 5-4 (there's nothing magical about 16 total points) where you can probably play super tight without losing him and you can see how he does in the early game. If it doesn't go well for you, adjust to 8-7, or if it's too tough for him, go to 9-7, and then to 12-9 if necessary. If you get into lots-of-balls territory you have to loosen up or the games will take forever, which increases his boredom and means lots fewer games/hour.

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