High school football


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
I remembered some comments about 2 months ago.
They reminded me of my 1st high school game.
It was the late 70's or early 80's, I'd been boooking
about 8 or 10 years, I heard there was good live action
at the play-off games.
I've mostly been a lucky guy in my life, so off I went.

The match up was LaGrange vs Hampshire-fannett 2A 3A I dont
remember. A couple of bookmakers I knew told where the gamblers
got together, I went there and the bunch had made LaGrange a
7 point favorite, knowing nothing I bet $500 on the dog.
LaGrange out weighted Fannett 20 lbs a man.
At the half Fannett was leading 21-7 I was feeling good,
so I went down for a half time bet, when I got there I heard
I'll give 6, I'll take 7. I had never made a half time bet in
my life, knew nothing. I spoke up said I'll take Fanett and
give 6. well they swarmed me, I'd brought money, everyone wanted
to bet, after a few more bets I said the line is now 4 1/2 They
still came on, anyway I had about $5000 in my pocket, most of the
bets were $200 and $300.
A stragler came up and yelled who's giving points with Fannett ?
One of the bookies I knew said " The guy in the red cap with a
pool cue stuck up his ass"
EPILOG: Fannett went on and won the game handily, I won several
thousand and finenaly figured out they had made LaGrange halftime
favorite. The next few years we made a lot of money with what I
learned about halftime lines that night.