Freddy"s day at Chrisses Biliards in Chicago.

Artie Bodendorfer

Verified Member
Nov 18, 2005
I was just thinking about Freddy. So I started looking at his bank pool book. Freddy really did a great job. And Freddy rote a great book on bank pool.
' I would say its by far the best bank pool book out there. Even though I didn't care for the game. It sure is nice to watch two great bankers play.

I hope the people there take a lot of pictures. And put some on this site.
I no there will be a Angle there from Heaven. She always takes great pictures. I hope everyone has a great time. How you like that combination. A Ghost and a Angle. That' a real Winner. Take a nice group picture. And see how they fixed the place up. I herd its like a new Chrissie's. Have a great time.