Doggone happy


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Feb 25, 2012
30 some years ago I got my first birddog. A 3 year old Viszla/Weimaraner mix. Isaac was way more dog then birddog but we shared some good times. A unfortunate auto accident left him with a fatal injury.
I immediatly began searching a replacement. Sheeba was 4 months old when I got her. Bought her off a ad in the back of Outdoor Life,Purebred akc Weimaraner.Sheeba had "drive" to spare. We spent the winter months playing fetch. A tennis ball thrown to bounce off the walls and roll under things down the hall,or in bedrooms,gave us plenty of quality indoor time. Spring came and I started bird work. Barn pigeons arent ideal but they work.
Progress with Sheeba was so good I knew I needed a male to progress the Weim family. Shank was a chunky little 7wks old when I brought him home. There was no doubt who was boss. As much time as I spent with training Sheeba,almost no time went into Shank. A great fall was spent in the fields working Sheeba as the pup laid at home. Winter came and I addressed basic obeidiance with Shank. He was smarter then I am. A command sit,come,heel was answered on the leash. Off the leash he just looked at you and grinned. He was very independant. Spring and summer were spent on bird education. He soon learned Sheeba was a far superior retreiver so he let her do it.

More to follow.