Doggone happy part 2


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Feb 25, 2012
So I have 2 lovely Weimaraners,they are obediant and hunt very nice. Shank courses with his head up working the wind. Sheeba just goes everywhere. Her bird sense has her hone in the cover spots. 3 seasons come and go. I work 3 jobs and go to school,but I manage to hunt almost everyday and play some pool. College is managable:cool:
Dogs are old enough to have puppies. Sheeba comes into heat,Shank does his part. No puppies. Vet says endometrius. May never have pups. Next heat cycle finds a 2nd female in the pack. Sheeba gets pregnant away goes 2nd female. 3 large puppies are the fruit of 4 1/2 years planning. I had the 3 sold before they were born.
The next year I am again graced with puppies.9 if I recall correctly. This is a small town 12000 or so. Farming area full of outdoor people. All dogs are spoken for. I have a brother in law who really wants one but cant see 500 for a dog. I watched the pups carefully and held one back for him that I felt fit him the best. Dusty loved people,including my sisters 3 kids. He wasnt interested in other dogs,but could get along with a visitor. He wasnt a great birddog but my brother in law wasnt a avid hunter either.
I graduated college and was headed to DFW Texas and a apt. so I gave Sheeba to a young man who ran a trap line,loved to hunt and would take care of her. A man had retired from the rr and was doing some hobby farming. I think he felt like I needed the money so he bought Shank for 700. A fair price for a grown fully trained proven hunting stud! Sheeba lived to 14 and was a retreiving legend. People would lose birds,come to town and take her back to the area. She always got their birds. Her owner told me the people just looked dumbfounded when Sheeba would run almost directly to the list birds. Many a dog got cussed because Sheeba had shown them up.
Shank was too much for retiree and his wife. 70 pound lap dogs are a problem. He ran that house and their only remedy was to call me and return him. My brother in law was happy to have Shank for a couple years. Shank and Dusty got along just fine. Shank was still a rebel and extra care had to be taken or he was on the prowl. Large dogs sometimes suffer from a twisted stomach. If caught early,surgery can save them.Years later Shank wasnt so lucky.
I had made friends with a guy,Robert, who wanted to come to S.Dak. and pheasant hunt. W e still continue to hunt together 20+ years later. He was able to hunt behind Shank,Sheeba,and Dusty. I wanted another dog so I was watching the FortWorth Star telegram classifieds and found Weim. Puppies parents on site. I called and talked to nice guy who said 3 females left 750. I called my brother who had recently married a woman w kids and asked him if he and his wife wanted to go see the pups. He calls me back says we have a problem,we bought the last female pup and my wife says we are keeping her. I made it clear that was fine but when the dog was 2 we bred her to Shank. We all agreed. Well my brother tells me my Weims were nice but nothing like the father of their pup,Gabby. Gabby is a great family dog. Hunts a little but doesnt get much opportunity. At 2 she comes into heat and my brothers wife says we will wait till next heat cycle,then abruptly changes her mind finds a stud and breeds her. The stud is a dual champion and a great dog. He tells my the dog has sired another litter and gets contact info for me.Shank will be too old to breed in a few years and Robert wants a dog so we go luck at a litter . We came away with Rufus, jointly owned by Robert and myself but resides with him.
2 of Gabby's pups come to s.dak. 1 with my brother ,and the other with my brother in law. My brother in law lost Dusty to a car on the highway where they live. His new dog Silver would also perish on that road. My brothers dog,became as surly as he is but was a adequate companion at home or in the field. He passed naturally at 14.
Patience we almost up to the current situation! My brother in law and brother both got Weims to replace theirs. Rufus passed at 13 and Robert got 2 labs to replace him. In the meantime I wss.raising my son and still living in a apt felt we shouldnt have a dog. I picked adopted 2 Weims in seperate instances and placed them with family and friends. My son wanted a dog and made a silly bet with me that if he was right he got a dog. Hell I knew he was wrong so I agreed. 4 months later I was at a friends house picking out Braiden a GermanShorthairPointer He named her and we got her fixed.12 years later she is still hell on wheels.