dale #4


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
dale #4
It's a great time to be a bookie,I retired a couple of years ago.
Basketball, baseball, pro football all at the same time, and elections.
I've read people want to bet thousands, Like the fat man said in the "Maltese Falcon" $5000 actual cash is worth $ 10,000 in talk.

Enough about me, my friend Dale was booking some years ago and had health problems. He gave his customers to his partner for one year was their agreement. He had a knee replacement and catarac surgery. All went very well. I saw him early November and asked if he was missing booking. He said it was driving me nuts, so I started betting myself. How you doing, he said
so/so. I said Good luck, I had to go. I was courting my now wife and came to San antonio every weekend or as soon as I could get away.Nex week I saw Dale and asked How's the ball. He said I'm killing'em, I got a system. I said "do tell" he said you pick the team you like and bet on the other side. I didn't see him for 2/3 weeks. I said system still working ? He said sysstem nno frigging good (he stammered when excited) Why you were going good when you started. He said yeyeah but you start llying to yourself ababout who you like.