Dale #3


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
dale pt.3
When the bar closed,Dale and I, Biker guy, owner and friend, went down town to the pool room.
It was locked, so we knocked, they came and let us in, Jimmy was playing a stranger, looked like he played jam up.
Jim came over nodded at his opponent, first thing the guy said, I'm from New York. I said how nice for you. we played
$20 a game for a hour or so, were even. I asked to put up $500 a couple of guy who i guess were backing him said yeah put it up.
we've been see sawing ever since.

Dale had a small stammer when normally speaking. He said loudly I I've got $20 on the ta tall kid.the first to speak up was the biker
Biker,then one of cowboys. They swapped games about an hour, they were both wired and inspired, playing well. biker would ride a streak
til he lost a game then quit. When his man won again he'd ask to bet again. After a couple of time Dale said no !
Biker came to me, asked to bet, Dale said don don't me mess with him he hes no good. I said no bet Biker hollowed at jimmy "hey slim I'll bet $20"
Jimmy said you got it. Dale told the Biker " all you can do is pay off you cant collect" Biker said
"what are you his daddy" without a stammer Dale said" That's right, and I'm your Daddy too" The guy glared awhile the went about 3 ft. away and sat on a pool table.
The place had a some military and some cowboys, I went to Dale,said man we're locked in here, lets not start trouble.
Dale looked straight at the Biker an said "there ain't nothing to that M----- F---ker" He must've been right Biker was about 6'2" looked In good shape, he sat around about an hour and left, I was a little worried, Dale said forget him I told you already.
Jimmy finally ground the airman out the one session about daylight, most had gone home, we tipped the owner and he was happy.
Said I never saw pool played that well, we went on merry way.
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