Controlled Aggression Update 12.14.21

Tom Wirth

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Jul 5, 2004
Delray Beach, Florida
The definitive book on One Pocket;
Still going strong!!!
Updated Dec. 14.2021
"One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression"
Endorsed by the voice of Accu-Stats Billy Incardona,
"Tom Wirth's enlightening dialog transecends the limits of thought.

His communication skills are among the best, and his knowledge
and understanding on positions of value are beyond price."
Shannon Daulton,
"This book is a must read for players of all levels looking improve their One Pocket skills!!
By reading this book you can learn 20 years of playing knowledge."

Scott the "Freezer" Frost,
"Finally, a book on One Pocket I can truly stand behind!

Tom Wirth puts the essence of this game into words. "One Pocket: A Game Of Controlled Aggression"
is a must buy, trust me, no one could have done a better job of presenting what this game is all about."
all Hall Of Fame Players

Reviews are ALL five star rating.

I am celebrating the 6th year of publication of what is now regarded to be the best book on One Pocket ever offered to the public.
Thousands of copies have been sold, hundreds throughout Europe.
As you know, the game of One Pocket is constantly increasing in popularity.
As "Strawberry" Brooks once said. "One Pocket, it's an epidemic. And there ain't no cure"

Get with it and get your copy today!
The retail price of $69.00 is a steal!
There are countless lessons to be learned within these pages.
With color photos detailing many of the situations you may encounter in the course of a single One Pocket session.
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The lessons within these pages are worth thousands $$$$$.
Each copy will be signed and dated at your request

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