Cincy trip March 2020


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Jan 15, 2015
Chicago Mike and I decided to meet up for the handicapped one pocket tournament that was going to be held at Michael’s billiards on March 14 and 15th. I booked us an AirBnB for Thursday night through Sunday night at this house that was built in 1879.

We had to take a few pics...



I left at 10:30 Thursday morning and met a buddy of mine in Columbus for lunch at a local Cantina then I headed to Cincinnati to the Airbnb and ended up taking a couple hour nap, which gave ChicagoMike to get to the pool hall before me...

I got to the pool hall around 530 and we played until about 10 or 11 when a local came by and wanted to play. My foot was cramping up so Mike played him and I tried to sit and watch. Eventually I got restless and ended up going over to the “One Pocket Only” table which had 3 7/8” pockets. I played on the table for about an hour and got bored of rattling balls. I ordered us a DiGiorno deep dish pizza and watched some more of their match. They played until maybe 1am and then we hit the road to retire for the night.

The next day we slept in pretty good. I woke up first and got a shower and was checking my phone while Mike was getting ready and I saw that the tournament was canceled because of the governors mandate of having under 100 people in an establishment. So I told Mike and he thought I was joking at first.

We got ready in time to go to lunch at Acapulco, which was in the same plaza as the pool hall. We both got the Alambre which was a dish with chicken and Mexican Sausage and potatoes and pineapple bits. Whenever I go back I’ll definitely get the same dish.

When we got back to the pool hall we ended up playing again. We started out practicing/playing on the “one pocket only” table and then we moved to the 2nd tightest table and played cheap for a little bit. After rattling a ball that I thought I hit perfect I asked if we could move to a table with regular pockets, lol.

So we moved to the 3rd tightest table and played until maybe 7or 8 when Mike was asked to play in a partners one pocket game on the “one pocket only” table with the owner and some of the locals.

I stayed on the table for about 5 or 10 minutes tops when another local came over and asked if I wanted to play. He was a really nice guy and was actually a great ambassador for my cues because he kept calling people over to check them out and grab one of my business cards.

At around 3am Mike started playing a guy on the one pocket table. We played until 4:30 then headed back to the house. I played for 15 hours straight and I felt it just about everywhere when I woke up.

I woke up around 11:15am and just laid around. Around 1pm, we decided we weren’t going to go back to the pool room that we were just gonna head home. On the way home I stopped in Columbus and saw a Giordano‘s so I texted the wife that I was going to be delayed by about an hour... I also stopped at a Suzie’s bakery too so I brought all kinds of goodies home.