Blackie revisited


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
The action had moved to "Grand Central Station"

At that point in time I had disposable cash to gamble with, I played Blackie one pocket two or three times a week.

I don't remember cashing against him, we'd usually play a few hours $50 a game. I always seemed to quit a game or two loser, rarely even.

Blackie had been gone with Buddy Hall awhile, few weeks or a month.
He said they'd been to Nawlings, great action and he was going to move there.

He was wearing a sassy little hat, had a new watch and diamond ring.
I asked him to play, he looked at me like I was crazy, said you'll have to give me 9/8 to get in my bankroll.
His whole crew was there, Buddy, Rusty Danmier (sp), Roger Reel and others.
James Christopher, Houston Cal, Fly boy. Those are all I remember.

I said I'll give you 9/8 if you'll bet $500 a game, first I gotta go to the restroom.
I went and stayed a while so they could form a corporation.

When I came out he had his stick together and balls on the table, told me to put up, I did, game on.

He won the first game, during that game a guy I didn't know came in.
Before the next game he ask me to bet $100, I asked who is this guy ?
Flyer said , I know him, name is Roy Falco from Oklahoma. He's okay.

I told Roy, you can bet like Blackie $500 a game, he said fine and pulled his cash out. game on.

The second game I was a couple of balls behind, in a bad spot.
I decided to lose shooting at my pocket, made a snazzy bank that didn't look like it'd go and got shape, went on to win the game.

Blackie got weak, I won the next 6/7 in a row, action was dead in the room for the next month, Cal and Flyer were laughing, they dodged the Corp.

P.S. Roy Falco was murdered about a month or so later, some kind of drug thing.
Blackie did move to N.O. shortly after.
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