Anna's addiction


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Feb 25, 2012
So as I have told before, when I first got Anna as a 5year old weimaraner bitch, she was grossly overweight. Her previous owner had her in her home with 7,yes seven, other adult weims. Being too lazy to feed the dogs properly she let them free feed. Some,albeit few, dogs or people can regulate themselves enough for this to work. As dogs are wanton to do Anna became rather obese. Her ideal weight of 65 pounds was a good 30 pounds in the distant in the scales readout.
So I got a obese dog and I did all I could to get her in shape. Running and walking twice a day. A regulated diet that was high enough in protein for maintaining energy but lean enough to lose weight.
It took about 6 weeks to get her around 70 pounds.
I had been told Anna was able to be loose in the house without any problems. I was assured I neednt worry about soiling rugs,chewed up shoes,destroyed blinds or furniture. Oh and no need to worry about "countersurfing and or trashraiding".
Well of course a dog that has all the dog food it can stomache and is to fat to countersurf will behave. Like people Anna aint going to work hard for something that she already has.
Anna was in shape and enjoying time in the field last fall chases my beloved ringnecks. She came into heat and was shuttled to a breeder where she was serviced. Serviced, funny term huh? Anyways
back home and we resumed the pheasant follies.
After a month Anna started spotting, blood specs dripping from her vulva and our field days were over lest we indanger her litter. Near whelping time Anna wrnt to my cousins place to give birth under his experianced eye. 30 years of breeding and he had seen a thing or two. I noticed riggt away he was freefeeding his other bitch who had just given birth. I warned him you cant do that with Anna. 24 hours later I got a call seems Anna proved me right, she had eaten 2 gallons of dog food.Pups arrived and Anna was a great protective mom.
Now pups were weaned and Anna had a big solid lump in her bag. Vet says prob cancer like that so lets remove and spay for continued health. Under the knive no cancer but has been neutered. By chqnce I dound a young couple looking for a older Weimaraner female that had been fixed. Brief conversation as to their abillities to keep a hard driving dog and Anna was in a new loving home.
Here is where I wish this story was able to have a differant ending. Anna spent more time with this young doting couple then I ever could. Trips to dog parks,family hobbyfarm,neighborhood walks,and trips to dining places where she would calmly lay beside or under a table seemingly oblivious to the food consumed by fellow diners. Free time out of her crate was the new norm.As young professionals in the medical field he worked nights and she differing dayshift hours. Last tuesday she wrnt to work. He played a little with Anna before hitting the hay.She came home to horrible sight. Anna was lying on the floor amidst the garbage she
had gotten into. Broken glass had been ingested and was causing a slow painfull death. Anna never made it to the vets office.