Absolutely no hanky-panky


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Aug 15, 2013
monett missouri
When the DCC was at the Executive West, a couple of guys had organized a hold'em game that would take place in one of their rooms.

Corey Deuel, Tony Watson and a couple of other guys I didn't know had been recruited. I asked one of he organizers what the rules of engagement would be and he said, $1 and $2 blinds, pot limit. "And" he said, " no hanky-panky because we've got a full-time dealer who won't play."

OK, so, by-and-by, I went up to the designated room. I had stalled, wanting the game to be full so I'd have an excuse to watch for a while before I sat in.

I watched for a few minutes, then said to one of the organizers, "Thanks anyway, but you guys are playing a little too far above my comfort level," and left.

Actually, the price was fine, and the game looked good except their full-time dealer was a guy who had a booth in the hallway outside the ballroom where the pool tournament was taking place. His gig was "close-up magic" including card tricks!


I don't think Corey fell in the trap. When I got back downstairs he was in a hot backgammon game and it looked like he wouldn't be quittin' that for a while.

I toyed with saying something to him, but I don't know him, and, besides, no way anyone at that tournament very long hadn't seen the guy and what his skill was. It amazes me what it's possible to get some people to go for.

I think it was that night that Tony Watson said he got held up in a hotel hallway and robbed for $20,000. I don't know Tony, but I always wondered if that was his way of trying to establish some leverage against the hotel with the hope of holding it responsible for a poker loss. Maybe one of you guys knows whether the alleged armed stickup was definitely legit.

I'm pretty sure the unarmed poker stick-up was hanky-panky by anyone's definition.