9-7 8-6 spot difference


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Feb 19, 2006
I disagree with computing weight. Simply put, when you are playing even, your opponent cannot get more than seven balls..........He wins. So, if your playing someone 8/6, he cannot get more than five balls, he wins. Likewise with the other spots. Playing T-Rex, you'd want to go to 11/4 vs 15/5 as it's about what you have to score to win not so much what he needs to score to win. He can't let you score more than three balls vs four balls to win. Would you rather spot someone 8/4 or 2/1? Same % but its harder for him to win going to four.
He gets to his number too fast. You have to make him go further so you can earn a shot or he makes a mistake. If you let him go to a low number, it's no bueno. Believe me, I have played him over 100 hours.
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