2018 One Pocket Hall of Fame Ballot

2018 One Pocket Hall of Fame Ballot

  • Jaffar ‘Patch-Eye’ Basheer (deceased)

    Votes: 14 14.9%
  • Marcel Camp (deceased)

    Votes: 24 25.5%
  • Johnny Ervolino (deceased)

    Votes: 18 19.1%
  • Scott Frost

    Votes: 34 36.2%
  • Jeremy Jones

    Votes: 35 37.2%
  • Johnny 'Irish' Lineen (deceased)

    Votes: 10 10.6%
  • Rafael Martinez

    Votes: 12 12.8%
  • Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz (deceased)

    Votes: 27 28.7%
  • Eddie Robin

    Votes: 19 20.2%
  • Joey Spaeth (deceased)

    Votes: 23 24.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Apr 23, 2004
Okay folks, it is time to kick off the voting for this year’s elections for the One Pocket Hall of Fame! Our HOF dinner will be back at the Derby City Classic after a two year hiatus. To learn more about all of our inductees over the prior years, please visit the One Pocket Hall of Fame here on this web site.

Please note you can vote for more than one candidate, but be sure to select all of the candidates you wish to vote for before you submit your vote. Once you submit your vote it cannot be changed, so be sure to complete your selections carefully before you click on the “Vote Now” button.

Jaffar ‘Patch-Eye’ Basheer (deceased) - A lifelong road player with outstanding all-around talent, with a cerebral gentlemanly approach to the game. Fellow HOF'er Cliff Joyner is one of many players who learned from and were inspired by 'Patch-Eye'.

Marcel Camp (deceased)– One of the early great One Pocket players credited with influencing the rise in One Pocket in the years before Johnston City. Camp was a solid all around player and action legend.

Johnny Ervolino (deceased) - A two-time Stardust Open One Pocket champion, and for years one of the top players in the legendary action rooms of NYC.

Scott Frost – Scott has been synonymous with One Pocket for twenty years. A ferocious money player, Scott has also picked up several major tournament wins along the way. In recent years he has produced several instructional DVD's that have helped popularize his aggressive "Power One Pocket" style.

Jeremy Jones - Jeremy is a solid all-around player whose best game has been One Pocket for quite a few years. A protege of fellow HOF'er 'Jersey Red', Jeremy has recently been doing expert commentary, and listeners have quickly dubbed him a favorite.

Johnny 'Irish' Lineen
(deceased) - An top early player considered to be one of the best during the years leading up to the beginning of the Johnston City events.

Rafael Martinez - Considered one of the most creative One Pocket players of his generation, Rafael has finished at or near the top in many tournaments.

Eugene ‘Clem’ Metz (deceased) – One of the top ‘undercover’ One Pocket players ever. All the old time champions include his name on their short lists of "the best One Pocket player ever".

Eddie Robin - Eddie was one of those rare players that excelled at both One Pocket and Three Cushion Billiards (twice USA champion at 3C). But he is best known today for his top notch instructional books, which played a big role in the growth of One Pocket over the last 25+ years.

Joey Spaeth (deceased) – A Johnston City regular and solid all-around competitor for many years. Joey came up in Cincinnati in the same generation as ‘Clem’ Metz, and took to One Pocket early in his career.

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