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  1. stevelomako

    Buffalos NOLA?

    I follow James Leone the owner of Buffalos on Facebook. He hasn’t been posting for a while now, does anyone know if he’s OK? I know Joe Long kept telling him to shut up on social media with all the shut down bull crap in Louisiana and the problems Buffs was having with the State so I’m hoping...
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    Just had this pop up when I click on the site. Anyone else come across it? Are those/you people after me now? 😱😳😬🤫
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    DCC 2020 entry totals and discussion

    DCC 2020 entries Banks: 1st Round—-452 players 2nd Round—343 players One Pocket: 1st Round—-365 players 2nd Round—261 players 9 Ball: 1st Round—-408 players 2nd Round—312 players All tournaments: $25,000 Added @ $160 entry fee @ $100 buy back
  4. stevelomako

    DCC Layout for 2020

    Has anyone nearby gone to the casino and checked out how the layout might be for the tournament? How many tables will there be now? I know they raised the entries fees substantially this year to put it out of reach for the average players which will cause a lot less entries for the...
  5. stevelomako

    Re: "Last man standing" by vapros

    Re: "Last man standing" by vapros Just wanted to say thanks for the time you put into posting your story. I enjoyed reading it and it's a shame it's ended. I was worried you weren't going to let him get the money. Thanks again and happy holidays.
  6. stevelomako

    US Open 1 Pocket--The surprises???

    Mark Griffin mentioned a while back he had some surprises for the tournament, does anyone know what they were/are??? I'm not even sure if I should have brought this back up.
  7. stevelomako

    Congrats to "The Earthquake" Keith McCready

    Awesome for you to accept the Lifetime in Action award. It's about time you let yourself be recognized by your peers, it's long overdue. Remember, these are your peers, the people that really love you and have always cared about you. You and Jenn will have a great time, I hope I can be...
  8. stevelomako

    "Sonny boy" in the journal section

    I just wanted to thank Vapros for posting his book. I've enjoyed reading it so far along with his other entry in the section and felt like I needed to thank him other than sending a PM. Thank you for taking the time out of your life for all of what you've posted there.
  9. stevelomako

    Mitch's peppers??

    I've been waiting for a review on the jars of peppers some of you guys picked up from Mitch at the DCC. I do a mean Mexican soup/chili/dip and was hoping to see someone with a jar there and they'd lead me to Mitch but never did. The pics of them looked awesome so I've been wondering. So...
  10. stevelomako

    Seniors and Super Seniors Tournaments

    We all know the clocks ticking and you guys are closer to end than the beginning :( and you all had so much fun at the tournament and a year is a long time the older you about this idea. Stagger a Seniors One Pocket and the Super Seniors One Pocket about 6 months apart. I would...
  11. stevelomako

    The Senior one pocket stream

    It looks like we aren't going to be having a dedicated stream if any from Santa Cruz Bill from what he posted on his thread about the Super Senior One Pocket Tournament in Houston. Maybe someone should see if Ray Hansen "Bigtruck" is still available to stream it. It would be a shame to miss...
  12. stevelomako

    Alex vs Scott---the bet

    I think the people staking Scott would like to lower the bet more than they did if not just pull up all together. I know the line is open for Alex. If somehow (I don't know how he could) Alex lost this set, he would grab a coin, say "call it beech" and want to play another set immediately...
  13. stevelomako

    Stopped at Crowne Plaza (Executive West) @2015 DCC

    While at the Derby I dropped someone off at the airport and thought, hell I'll check out the old Executive West for kicks and memories. I parked at the back (the outside is the same) and walked in the door and whoa! They did a really nice job remodeling everything. The old bar is completely...
  14. stevelomako

    I nominate "Red Shoes Billiards" as

    I nominate "Red Shoes Billiards" as the official HOME of the Onepocket & Banks Hall of Fame. They have been one of the only rooms in the country that keep having Onepocket and Banks tournaments consistently. In addition to all the present Onepocket and Banks players they have, the Chicago...
  15. stevelomako

    DCC 2015: Oops and rumor

    Well, I showed up to rob some of you fools at something whether it be pool, backgammon, pitching coins etc etc. and found out I was 2 weeks early!!!! At the hotel desk checking in, I was informed that the Phillipinos may not be welcome in the hotel this year, something about the live chickens...
  16. stevelomako

    Hall of Fame and Dinner?

    What is going on with both and what do we all need to do to get the ball rolling? I know the clock is ticking but it would be a shame to not have either.
  17. stevelomako

    Freddy Salem picture in "The Rack"

    Thought I'd try to scan some pictures to see if I could do it. This is a picture of Freddy Salem taken by Cornbreads wife Burnette inside of "The Rack". This is towards the front of the room and to the right at the back of the picture is where you would enter into the card room on the other side.
  18. stevelomako

    One Ball One-Pocket mini @ DCC

    The thread about how to play the ball on the spot with the cue ball in the jaws in the back pocket was a really good one. A lot of different thoughts about what to do. How about we have a little One Ball One-Pocket mini tournament one night (or two or three) playing with it set up like this...
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    Steve, I think you forgot to put up the ballot. lol
  20. stevelomako

    2013 US Open One Pocket--REPORTS AND STORIES

    I think this is a more appropriate place for this. Hopefully we can hear more from the people that are there. Tournament Chart: Live Scores...