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  1. gulfportdoc

    Buffalo's streaming

    Congrats to Ray on the near perfect streaming of the Buffalo's event. I've never, ever bought a stream to anything by anyone because I knew I'd not take the time to sit down and watch most of whatever the event was; plus there always seemed to be complaints about cut-outs and other problems...
  2. gulfportdoc

    Member's tournament at Lacy's Cue - Chalmette?

    Is the MOT at Lacy's in Chalmette (near New Orleans) on Sat., 5/28/22 still on?
  3. gulfportdoc

    Doc almost bought the farm

    Haven't been on the forums for a couple of weeks. Was hit with covid and pneumonia at the same time. I went completely out of it. The wife loaded me on an AMR and took me to the ER. Turns out that my kidneys were starting to shut down. They started me on I.V. fluids, and ran 14 liters of...
  4. gulfportdoc

    Is there any way to completely delete an entire post?

    I had trouble with attachments showing up at the bottom after inserting pictures. And when I posted it the thumbnail attachments were still visible. I couldn't see any way to delete the whole post and start again. I could delete the text via the edit function, but not the thumbnails. Is there...
  5. gulfportdoc

    "Greenleaf: Pool's Greatest Champion"

    Greenleaf: Pool's Greatest Champion (2020) This is a good book by Sam Korte about Ralph Greenleaf, a subject that has resisted complete research, presumably because of lack of records. Although only 112 pages it gives a fairly good account of Greenleaf's life, career, Marriages, and...
  6. gulfportdoc

    Anyone heard from Rod or Jeff?

    Hope things are hunky-dory in the great State of Texas!
  7. gulfportdoc

    Brumback - retired from competition?

    Jimmy posted this announcement from JB. Anyone know anything more about it?
  8. gulfportdoc

    Things have slowed to a crawl on the site

    If any of y'all have been thinking about posting a WWYD for the first time (or the 50th time), now would be a good time to do it. Some of our key guys have drifted away, so we'll have to entertain ourselves. Most topics are prohibited now, so we need pool, pool, pool..😉
  9. gulfportdoc

    Banks Brackets U.S. Open
  10. gulfportdoc

    711 room, NYC

    Does anyone remember precisely where the 711 was located? Address? Intersection? I heard it was actually called Mayfair Billiards, and it was over the Mayfair Theater on 46th St. at Broadway. I don't know if that's true, although that would put it near Ames. I played at both Ames and...
  11. gulfportdoc

    What's the best shot?

    We've had a little lull on the site lately, so here's a shot for thought. Just after the break. Your pocket is on the same side as the CB. What is your opinion about the best defensive and best offensive shots here? What would YOU shoot?
  12. gulfportdoc

    Earliest non 14.1 major tournament?

    Straight pool tournaments have been held since the 19th Century. Does anyone know if there were any major non-14.1 (1P, 9ball) events prior to Johnston City in 1961?
  13. gulfportdoc

    The Beard's "Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers"

    When I first got Fred Bentivegna's book several years back, I simply looked up 8-10 of the guys I knew, and left it at that. Recently I picked it back up, and find myself reading it from cover to cover. If you like real pool stories, and enjoy reading descriptions of great players and hustlers...
  14. gulfportdoc

    Haven't heard from LS John

    Anybody heard from him? He might be on a sabbatical, just as the Ghost is.
  15. gulfportdoc

    Offense vs. defense

    Was just reading an article about Alabama's great win in the College Football Championship last night by a team that was possibly the best to ever play college ball. The writer pointed out a quote by Coach Nick Saban which stuck out for me: The great Nick Saban provided what for him was a...
  16. gulfportdoc

    Doc, Col. Bille, Mary K. & OneHoleNut...

    We've all lost electricity and cable due to Hurricane Zeta, so that's why none of us have been posting. I'm over at my brother-in-law's in Mobile, so I'm able to get cable. All 3 coastal counties in the Miss. Gulf Coast were knocked out. Few folks expected the amount of damage that Zeta caused...
  17. gulfportdoc

    Lake Charles, Beumont, Houston looking at trouble...

    Looks like Hurricane Laura could reach a Category 4 by the time it hits the LA/TX coast tonight or Thurs. morning. There's going to be severe damage in Lake Charles. The lake is expected to surge up 10-15 feet, which will easily cover I-10. Galveston is evacuated, and there will certainly be...
  18. gulfportdoc

    Looks like we Mississippi & Louisiana boys are gonna get wet...

    Marco, then Laura, bearing down upon us Monday & Wednesday. I doubt if either will be higher than a Category 1 though. Hopefully just coastal flooding and minor wind damage. Get your hip boots ready...⛈
  19. gulfportdoc

    Looks like our FL boys will be getting some weather...

    I'm sure that y'all on the east coast are watching Isaias:
  20. gulfportdoc

    Mary Kenniston inducted in to billiards hall of fame

    This is the first I've heard of Mary's recent fantastic accomplishment. What a great honor for a wonderful gal!! Thanks to Jimmy B. for the heads-up. ~Doc