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  1. crabbcatjohn

    International open list

    International open one pocket
  2. crabbcatjohn

    DCC questions

    1. Is there going to be a HOF dinner at DCC again? 2. Or sponsor a player to DCC again? It seems after covid we have forgotten the DCC and the HOF dinner. Didn't know if there was interest anymore
  3. crabbcatjohn

    Tony / Shane

    Here you go. Seems there's a ton of matches lately..
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    SVB" I grew up playing 8 ball my whole life. Bar table 8 ball have to be creative on breaking out clusters and running out on perfect patterns plays. If there’s any bar table 8 ball tourney that has good added money then I would go to it. I would choose this over any one pocket tourney in the...
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    Hard Times

    Semis-Finals. Omar in the hot seat
  6. crabbcatjohn

    Racks on the Rocks

    22 players
  7. crabbcatjohn

    Buddy and Billy accustats

  8. crabbcatjohn

    Rail Yard Billiards

    Rail Yard Billiards in Louisville is now open.. 8-9ft Diamond pro am with 4.25 pockets.. Add a bunch of bar boxes,, food,, bands,, etc.. Monthly Bank and one pocket tournaments are expected..
  9. crabbcatjohn

    Oscar just announced these...

    Thought these deserved a thread.. Couple of tournaments coming up at Hard Times Sacramento. 1500 added “Little Al” one pocket open May 7/8 $65 entry no player cap 10,000 added One pocket open sponsored in part by Greg Sullivan in October TBA (200 -250 entry) 128 cap Everyone start...
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    Steve Cook/ Rafael Martinez

  11. crabbcatjohn

    Railyard Billiards Louisville

    This is pretty cool. Both Diamond Billiards in Louisville closed. Highlands was bought, the bigger one that had concerts.. They are knocking out a wall and putting in 31 tables. It's reopening as Railyard Billiards and Sports bar. The exciting thing? 8 are new Diamond 9ft... Opening in May.
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    Triple Crown

    Players list
  13. crabbcatjohn

    Need a ruling

    Me and Miller playing tonight. He hangs a ball in his pocket. Not his out ball. My shot now...i make a ball and while the cueball is rolling for shape on my next ball his ball falls in his pocket without being touched. So does his ball spot back up? If so when does it spot? Before my next shot...
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    Peter Ghostine

    I saw our member "onerock" Peter Ghostine has passed away.
  15. crabbcatjohn

    Skys 20 rail run

    Terry just posted Ray's video of Skys 20 rail run at DCC. It was a race to 100 rail with 5 players if I remember.. This just about closed it out for him and he won it. I was sitting on the couch the other end of the room for most of it.
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    US Open dates just posted

    Here you go..
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    Early Buffalos

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    DCC Information has posted

    Discount room codes, 160 entry with 100 rebuy... After 5th round you automatically rebuy... etc..
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    Midwest ring game
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    MOT Report

    Got there Thursday, room was nice. Good job to Rowsey getting us a discount. Played Warren all afternoon Thurs. Picked up Mitch at the airport. Didn't play the one ball one pocket. Ran the Auction and Tournament which was a suprise. 3520 in the Auction which was pretty good...