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  1. Ban Giang

    The 2nd Annual Bar Box Classic. $16,000 Added June 1-5th, 2022 Leisure Time Billiards & Sportsbar in E. Moline, Illinois.

    Are you sure? As far as I know, they brought in 2 diamond 9 ft tables for the event.
  2. Ban Giang

    Oscar just announced these...

    Sounds good, but is Hard Times Sacramento going to provide some transparency about what the "added money" really is? For example, previous Hard Times tournaments have included a "tournament director fee" (which is usually Oscar's wife) that removes $900-1200 of the prize fund from what was...
  3. Ban Giang

    Bugs vs. top one-pocket players of today?

    For those who got to see Bugs Rucker at his best, how would he fare against today's top one-pocket players like Alex Pagulayan, Dennis Orcollo, Tony Chohan, Scott Frost?
  4. Ban Giang

    Sick Eight And Out At Markulis Memorial

    Francis is among the top 10 players in California. But he doesn't travel much.
  5. Ban Giang

    2021 One Pocket Top 10

    Sounds like you need to get out more.
  6. Ban Giang


    Did it look like this?
  7. Ban Giang

    Don Lim, and Jimmy Duval RIP

    RIP Salt This was a shot that Salt had shown to me years ago. Shoot the ball off the point of the side pocket and it banks back to your hole. Try it a few times and you will figure out the right speed and english to use. (photo- Diana Hoppe , table- DrawTable)