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    Why dont they play the score?

    Since my eyes have gone south I been railing a lot. Ive noticed regular one pocket players with more than 10 years experience keep breaking one major rule. And that is To Play the Score. Needing 1 ball and opponent needing 4 they will always shoot for their hole bringing down balls into the...
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    Eyeglasses for One Pocket

    Got a sporty new pair of glasses. Bifocals with transitional. But its totally useless for pool. Bending over I have to look upwards to see a 9 foot shot straining my neck Transitioning between close shots to far shots are hard to get used to. Since I got rid of cataracts have not needed specs...
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    Double J

    I been waiting for others to comment. But something must be said. Our own Jeremy Jones did the almost impossible last couple of weeks. He landed top 4 in the One Pocket of Scotty Townsend Memorial and came in second to Dennis Orcullo in the 9 Ball event beating him coming from the loser side in...
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    Happy Birthday Gerri3403

    Happy Birthday to my pal Geraldine T. May you have many more. Thanks for your endeavors on POV. Hopefully see you for the tournament next year.
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    Accustats starts their MIH event today. Its a double header starting with 8 ball and finishing with straight pool. I know its a one pocket site but our favorite Jeremy Jones is commentating with Danny D. Some good pool commentating. Miss you Dr Bill. Hope you are well
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    They called him Reverend

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    Happy 80th Danny D!!!

    Yesterday was Chinese New Years. I forgot all about my buddy Danny Diliberto was the birthday boy. When I called him late nite to wish him a happy one he was at the pool hall. It was like 0 degrees out. He said "Keone I didnt think I would ever make it to 80". Whether you like the guy or not...
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    DCC Anti Rant

    I cant believe how well this event was run. Having some experience with producing shows on a multi day level the amount of pressure and tenacity to keep things running smoothly is a Herculean task. DCC just keeps getting better. Unfortunately I had to stay in California as I had just contracted...
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    Im 5'7". I never considered myself "short" but I guess in the pantheon of height you could call me that. I never did feel short. I grew up in Hawaii where there were a lot of Japanese, Okinawans, Filipino's, etc etc and I towered over a lot of my classmates. I never felt "short" until I went to...
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    Over here Mr 3 Cushion

    I just got off the phone with my Paisan Danny Diliberto. He told me that you were an excellent 3 C man and more than that a solid teacher. Hes doing fine and in his mid 70's going to Turning Stone, US Open 9 ball, Accu-Stats 8 Ball Make it Happen, and then to the Derby City Classic. I take his...