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  1. Bob Jewett

    Fred Whalen?

    The link above to the series in the LA Times seems to be broken. You can find the stories by searching on the LA Times site, but you may have to subscribe depending on the links you follow. The stories seem to also be available on the amazing website Here is the installment in the...
  2. Bob Jewett

    why is this a foul? (can salim vs. sky woodward)

    It is difficult, but can be learned. It requires continued practice or the ability goes away. There are several techniques that work. With the balls a half-inch apart it's possible to bank a ball the long way without a foul (straight shot, level cue). The skill is absolutely standard for good...
  3. Bob Jewett

    "Spot Shot" NO rail!

    Considering the tremendous popular support, here it is again:
  4. Bob Jewett

    "Spot Shot" NO rail!

    I posted the 14.1 by mistake and then changed it to the spot shot video. Now I can't find the video. It was pretty good.
  5. Bob Jewett

    "Spot Shot" NO rail!

    Not from a member, but... And here is Corey doing the masse thing (16:40 in):
  6. Bob Jewett

    "Spot Shot" NO rail!

    This shot came up a while ago on AZB. It is very hard to play it as a slow roller because your arm knows that's a bad thing to do. I managed to leave the cue ball about 8 inches from the foot rail on my best try. Standard GC3 with medium-worn Simonis and large pockets. But if you are going to...
  7. Bob Jewett

    Walt Harris -- Billiard Atlases for sale

    I have a bunch of extra copies of the Billiard Atlas by Walt Harris. He produced four volumes. They are mostly diamond systems. Some of the systems have just enough info to get you started. Some others are covered quite extensively. About 100 different systems are covered in the four volumes...
  8. Bob Jewett

    Mike D knows what's up with multi rail banks

    For both the Vernon Elliott bank and cutting the OB off the spot from the jaws of your opponent's pocket, the first step is to use much more sidespin than the vast majority of pool players ever use. It does not take any special talent or stroke. An APA 4 asked me about the spot-cut and I had him...
  9. Bob Jewett

    Mike D knows what's up with multi rail banks

    And I was not actually doing that shot to be recorded. I was just fooling around on the 14.1 challenge table at DCC and the camera happened to be on because we were recording all of the runs. David Sapolis who processed the video for commenting later happened to find the shot. I guess he cut out...
  10. Bob Jewett

    Mike D knows what's up with multi rail banks

    The cushions compress a lot more than you might think. The cue ball on a hard shot goes into the cushion nearly half an inch. Some people swear up and down there's a double kiss, but it's clear there is no kiss on the video. The object ball is thrown backwards by the huge outside spin and then...
  11. Bob Jewett

    Mike D knows what's up with multi rail banks

    Joe Tucker was experimenting with his laser alignment thingie and happened to try Vernon's bank. It worked pretty well. I think shooting into the rail probably gets extra spin on the cue ball, which helps. Joe had no choice but to shoot into the rail because if the tool is on the rail you can't...
  12. Bob Jewett

    AZ Layout...whadah yah shoot? Your pocket is too your right your shot. Thx III

    For what it's worth, here is my first attempt to get the shot into Virtual Pool. I think this makes it easier to see clearances and angles rather than try to figure that out from the single angled camera shot. Also shown is what happens if you try to bank the four and don't quite have enough...
  13. Bob Jewett

    Official Rules Poll revised

    Because they did not know how to write clearly. Technical writing is not easy. If you read through the rest of the rule book you will see lots of problems. It got worse over time. Some rules were given in three different ways in three different places. Some rules said the opposite of what was...
  14. Bob Jewett

    Billiard News 1968

    On AZBilliards there is the "Goldmine" on the front page (not in the forums) which includes scans of the National Billiard News going back to 1964. Here is the listing of copies for 1968.
  15. Bob Jewett

    Official Rules Poll revised

    Here is the rule from the 1968 rule book: Here is the rule from the 1970 rule book: Here is the listing of the rules committee for 1970: If anyone here is interested in the history of the rules of pool, I have extra copies of most of the rule books going back to the 1890s. Or, you can...
  16. Bob Jewett

    Snooker ball action, vs pool ball, vs 3 cushion balls.

    I think a lot of the differences that people notice between the three games are due to the cloth and cushions rather than the balls themselves. Trying to move the cue ball around on a snooker table with fuzzy cloth and a dirty cue ball can seem impossible compared to the same path on a carom...
  17. Bob Jewett

    Snooker ball action, vs pool ball, vs 3 cushion balls.

    A heavier ball deflects less because the "end mass" of the cue stick is less compared to the mass of the larger ball. It still deflects, but it can seem like negative deflection when your brain is calibrated to what the ball should be doing.
  18. Bob Jewett

    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    Exactly. It is broken and confusing to fill in details that have nothing to do with the game. If there is no calling of shots mentioned, there can be no safeties. Make a ball in your pocket legally and it is still your turn. There is no need to explain that to people in the rules. If someone...
  19. Bob Jewett

    Slept balls and when to respot

    For what it's worth, in Winning One Pocket, Eddie Robin states a slept ball rule. It is worded a little ambiguously, but it says each player gets one more completed turn. I'd interpret that as a full turn. The main point in choosing the amount of delay is so neither player is hurt (much) by...
  20. Bob Jewett

    Break Question

    If you're going that route, I think it would be better to tap/train the table.