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    another becue package

    I have a 12.5mm shaft with a cue that is a south west copy along with 3 wooden shafts. the entire package is 600.00 plus the shipping, I will see if I can post photos from my phone, of not reach out to me and I can provide photos! I am in the Clarksville Tn area.
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    Metropolis tournment

    Is this tournament taking place once a month? I haven't been here in a while and think it is only 1.3 hours from me and would like to go once in a while. Thanks for any replys
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    Did you hear about the fire near the Q ball

    John Henderson your probably tired about fires and the damage they do but, did you and DaBaber, hear about the fire that was in the same building as the q ball? It looks like they got lucky on that one, it sounds like it hit the same building twice last night. If that room would have been hit...
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    Another shout out for OldSchool1478

    Thanks for having me out today at the last minute, I really enjoyed shooting some one p, it has been so long since I last played out in L. A. with the Da Barber and others that I wasn't sure how it would go. It wont take me as long to get out there again and next time I wont end up out in the...
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    I know, I know

    this is a one pocket house but, just watched a young man run an 8 pack of ten ball in the tournament in Phoenix, it was very impressive it kept Alex P in his seat the whole time. in the interview afterwards he indicated that or acted like it was no big deal!
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    shout out for {Old School}

    He came by the other day with his tools and spent the day helping me set all the slate in place and leveling everything out, I don't know about him but I was worn out afterwards, my plastic knee took a beating, but it was all worth it. Next we will be tackling the cloth, Thanks Dan for all the...
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    cloth question someone please help

    Old school had asked the original question and didn't really get an answer and I have a question along the same lines, and have also posted over on AZ and to this point no answer. I just recently picked up a 4x8 Brunswick and want to put a decent grade cloth but cannot really afford Simonis...