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    Morra/Filler, 2020 DCC

    I had to laugh at some of the things I saw in this match. Good viewing.
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    Woodward/Thorpe, 2022 DCC

    Good viewing, I don't care which youngster you like. I wish I could bank like Billy Thorpe.
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    Thorpe/Melling, 2019 DCC

    Couple of guys I like to watch. Oh, so close in the last game.
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    Reyes/Bustamante 2017

    Old-timers' week continues. Billy and Danny on the mic. Did I mention that I'm a Reyes fan?
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    Reyes/Varner, 1st DCC

    Grady and Billy on the mic
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    Bad move

    I watched a video recently in which Corey Deuel faced a doubtful shot. A ball near his cue ball was in the way of his shot, or it wasn't (pick one). He called for Ken Shuman to come and clean the cue ball, and after a bit of negotiation Ken put down his marker, picked up Jojo and wiped it clean...
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    Another fine match. 45 minutes of top-level one pocket.
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    Orcullo/Sambajon, 2016 WCC

    Tremendous match - a clinic in running balls
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    What a treat!! 2019 DCC final
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    Hall/Thorpe, 2020 DCC

    Great match - I hope this is not a duplicate.
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    Among all the deadly gunslingers currently active in pool, I believe Eklent Kaci is the straightest shooter and least likely to miss any given shot. Do you agree or have I not seen enough of him? He is also pretty good at running balls. Where is he today and why is he not named among the top...
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    Woodward/Meglino, 2019 DCC

    I remember being impressed by Meglino two or three years ago, and now I recall why. He does it smoooth.
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    Shaw/Filler, 14.1

    A little change of pace - straight pool as I had not seen it before, nontraditional break shots. Willie Hoppe might have been horrified, but I was entertained.
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    Frost/Filler, 2020 DCC

    Great match for spectating. Lots of very expert one-pocket play. Position, ball-running, aggressive styles. Commentary by Jeremy Jones, who may have been commentating from the tape.
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    Artie B is on the mike.
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    Smith/Woodward, 2020 DCC

    Good match - just over an hour - Danny, Skyler, Jeremy and RailBirds. I hope this isn't a repeat, but how could we keep track of these links? We have called up a lot of them.
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    Rule needed

    I don't know anything about one ball one pocket, but I'm feeling left out. I love rules - never get enough. Here's a hypothet: Your opponent accidentally moves a ball several inches as he shoots. He points with his finger to the spot where it had been and not being aware you say okay and he...
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    Chohan/Goodwin, 2018 DCC

    Here's an entertaining and well-played match that you can watch in just 38 minutes.
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    Pagulayan/Runnels, 2018 DCC

    Don't bother - :sleep: Only the first two games are good
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    For those who like nine ball - I mean the ones who like it a lot . . .